Israel Trip 2015
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The Rev. Lynne Sharp

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  05-12-2015 - - - Breakfast, veggies with yogurt cheese, egg, yum! 1st century ritual bath next to Hulda's steps up to the Temple, the stones of the Temple thrown down by Roman soldiers in 70 CE. Then a very special gift to meet the Muslim Door Keeper of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (ask me for the story), and the placing my new stole on the Anointing Stone inside. There is so much more; my heart is full. I will leave for the airport in a few hours to begin the journey home.
  05-11-2015 - - - Judean desert, sea level desert, dead sea 1400 ft below sea level.
  05-11-2015 - - - And so the journey is coming to a close. . . in Emmaus, one of the 8 possible true locations, this one featuring the mosaics of the Byzantine church ruins and a bapistry. So many blessings.
  05-11-2015 - - - Early morning Stations of the Cross through the Old City, the Rock of Calvary, the Tomb, an altar in the empty tomb. But the day and the story do end there, we are headed to Emmaus . . .
  05-10-2015 - - - Started day with worship (see other post), then walked around the city walls and up to the Mount of Olives, and the side of the Mount covered inJewish tombs. Further up to the Chapel of the Ascension, but did not get to see the right footprint of Jesus. At the corner of the Just in Valley and Hinnom Valley where at one time there was a spring (look was away down to the bottom) then turn around to see the new stairs leading up to the city. Nothing says loving like a dish of cappuccino and strawberry gelato after 3+ hours of walking.
  05-09-2015 - - - Very full day. Started in Bethphage on the Mount of Olives waving branches and singing. We could not enter Bethany due to the Wall (behind the chuch wall you can easily see). Then to the place that Jesus wept over Jerusalem, across the Kidron Valley, up the steps to the upper city for the last supper (closed today). Then to Caiphas where Jesus was tried, then lowered into a cistern for the night and Peter denied Jesus three times.
  05-08-2015 - - - Interesting, bits and pieces, day. Some Mary Magdalene art, a miraculous Mary Icon, the umbilicus (belly button) of the world, pilgrim crosses etched in the walls, columns from the Old Cardo (Main Street) in the Old City, and an evening fresh squeezed orange juice with Cynthia after going to the Western Wall for the start of Shabbat.
  05-07-2015 - - - Placing your prayers at the Western Wall, then the Dome of the Rock, pools of Bethesda, St Anne's Church, Princess Basma Center for disabled children (no photos, but one of the Episcopal church ministries), Israeli museum with a sculpture of Adam (Rodin), outdoor model of second century Jerusalem, and the extensive Dead Sea Scroll exhibit (no photos allowed)
  05-06-2015 - - - In Bethlehem, at the place where we remember the birth of Jesus, Then to "The Wall" to read some of the stories, Shepherd's field, and so so so much more. No, I didn't cry through the "whole" day, just at the poignant moments. Tomorrow, I 'll carry your prayers to the Western Wall.
  05-06-2015 - - - The Church in Burquin commemorating where Jesus healed the 10 lepers, poppies, Jacob's well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman, and we met a living Saint who wrote the following Icons, including his Martyred predecessor. Watermelon vendor, Taybeh beer ( read about it online - seriously), ending at Ephriam (formerly) . . . aka Jesus' last retreat. Not to mention the heartbreak of this land.
  05-05-2015 - - - This is my travel group plus a couple of our friends from the Sunday Worship.
  05-04-2015 - - - Full full day, Renewal of Baptismal Vows at the Jordan River, to Peter's house in Capernaum, pilgrims walking down the mount of Beatitudes toward the sea of Galilee, the church of Loaves and Fishes, Peter and the Risen Christ, on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, and a view of the Valley of Doves. A labyrinth beneath Mary back in Nazareth. I can't even begin to explain the day.
  05-03-2015 - - - After the worship at St Paul's Episcopal service at their new cultural center, then lunch with the typical "salad" that is offered at most meals, on to the excavated site of Sepphoris and the unearthing of mosaics. Another amazing, thought-provoking spirit-filled day. Now for a walk around town before supper.
  05-03-2015 - - - What an amazing experience to meet, and worship with, this bi-lingual Arab Christian Episcopalian congregation. Wow. Amen.
  05-02-2015 - - - Started at Wadi Quelt between Jericho and Jerusalem. Think Good Samaritan. Then a little camel ride. Ended in Nazareth, chapels and icons to Jesus preaching in the Synagogue, Annunciation at the well, Mary's home, the Old town well.

  4-30-15 - - - St James road - we went to the Armenian Church for Vespers - Jerusalem - a hazy view of the Eastern Wall and the Dome of the Rock from the Mount of Olives




















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